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Evans Rehabilitation & Wellness was able to get me in immediately. After my assessment, they started my appropriate exercises and emailed how-to videos of each one of them. This way I was able to work on my exercises at home. The trainers and staff are great. I would highly recommend Evans Rehabilitation & Wellness to anyone who needs it. I will definitely use them again in the future if needed.

Andrea Welmaker

Everyone is very friendly. They have been very helpful working with me to relieve my pain and showing me exercises I can do at home. They work with you to schedule times for therapy that best work around your schedule.

Marilyn McDavid

Lydia and everyone at Evans Rehabilitation & Wellness have been tremendously helpful in my herniated disc repair recovery. If you need any type of physical therapy rehab services, I would highly recommend this facility.

Jan Simmons

The staff is fantastic! I have used them for over 5 years after several surgeries and for back pain. I also have been a member of their "gym side" and have always found the staff to be helpful and to answer questions I may have about exercises and which machine to use for what set of muscles. I would recommend them w/o reservation.

Dr. Christopher Noah

Evans Rehabilitation & Wellness is an excellent place to go. The staff, therapists, fitness, and billing office have been wonderful while under their care. Everyone treats you like you matter and makes things fun to keep improving 100 percent before your discharge. I highly recommend, going to Evans Rehabilitation & Wellness for PT issues and Personal Trainers for your fitness needs.

Glenda Cooper