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Personal Training

The old adage of “use it or lose it” certainly applies to our bodies. The best path to optimal fitness is one that is uniquely yours. Our professional trainers will craft a customized plan based on your medical history and fitness level.

Personal Training


for 30 minutes

Free gym memberships with training packages.

Private sessions offer the best service available. These sessions are great options for individuals just getting started or those with very specific goals that may require more attention.

Group Training Classes


for 30 minutes

Group training sessions still offer individualized programming but these are completed in a group of your choosing. The camaraderie of the group setting is a great way to get motivated.

Health Quest Fit Class

for 30 minutes

Health Quest Fit is a group exercise session. Health Quest Fit uses a blend of many training methodologies to help you gain strength and lose fat. Health Quest Fit sessions do not require you to bring a workout partner and allow up to 6 people per session.

Personal Training Packages

  • Free 24-hour gym membership included with the following 12-week packages
  • Sessions and gym memberships expire in 16 weeks
Sessions a week Total sessions Price per month Total price
2 24 $240 $720
3 36 $360 $1080
4 48 $480 $1440
5 60 $600 $1800

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